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Recycled asphalt is available for bulk delivery to homeowners, contractors, local government authorities, schools, property developers and rural farming properties.
While our service area for bulk deliveries is in within the Perth Metro Area, depending on quantity, we can deliver recycled asphalt in bulk throughout the outer metro region and regional WA.

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We accept excavated asphalt for recycling, this service is available to contractors, local government authorities, developer’s homeowners and anyone requiring a recycle point for waste asphalt.
Asphalt is 100% recyclable.  Much of the waste asphalt we crush comes from asphalt pavement that has been removed from driveways, roadways, car parks, highways and roads.

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We offer a crushing service for bulk asphalt waste.  Crushed asphalt can be reused as a cold laid drive surface or added to the hot mix process.  Recycling is a cost effective way to reuse waste asphalt.  Stockpiling waste asphalt takes up valuable space and dumping it puts pressure on our landfills, so crushing to reuse makes good environmental and financial sense.

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Our crushing plant is fully mobile.  We can mobilise the plant for quantities of waste asphalt or concrete over 1000 tonnes.  This is a convenient solution, saving you haulage, driver time, and return trip processed asphalt or crushed concrete.   This enables 100% recycle of your asphalt waste back through the hot paving process, cold paving process or on selling it to other consumers.  The crushed concrete can be recycled for drainage and road base. 

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We offer a construction service for the installation of
  • Driveways

  • Hardstands

  • Temporary Carparks

  • Permanent Carparks

  • Service Roads

Applied cold asphalt still retains some of the bitumen from the original asphalting process.  This bitumen makes recycled asphalt more cohesive and as the sun warms the surface the bitumen activates and helps compact down the asphalt.  Crushed Asphalt is a permeable product that binds and hardens over time to create a mud and dust free drive surface solution.
Recycled asphalt is a cost effective solution because;
  • Hot mix asphalt and the raw materials it uses are worth more per tonne than crushed asphalt
  • We use the same trucks, staff and equipment to apply recycled asphalt as we do to lay hot asphalt
  • Square footages can be applied rapidly saving labour costs
  • The surface can be driven on directly after installation saving down time to the driving surface
Crushed asphalt makes a perfect base for driveways, hardstands, temporary/permanent car parks and access roads.
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