What our valued customers are saying ...

"Thanks so much to the guys at Asphalt Recyclers they did an amazing job on our driveway. We had the first major storm last weekend since it had been done and after having run off trenches all down our driveway in the past, I was expecting our worst areas would wash out due to the lay of the land but nothing moved at all in what they laid on the driveway! I highly recommend them for their work, price and service."

Mnt Helena  2018

"Scott and the team at Asphalt Recyclers Australia are awesome to deal with. Recently as the Secretary of Dirt Trackers Kart Club I contacted him after hours and he got straight back to me. That very same night we were having A Grade recycled bitumen product being delivered to our track. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough for the material that they have provided. It has made a huge difference to our club."

Dirt Trackers Kart Club    2018


Asphalt recycling Perth"A big thanks to Scott and the guys for the excellent job they did on my parent's driveway. Recycled asphalt has proven a very durable and cost effective solution. No more need for constant grading and repairs. The recycled asphalt blends in beatifully with the bush environment and provides an elegant approach to the property. I can highly recommend Scott and his crew for their timely and professional work."

Perth   2018

Asphalt recycling Perth

"Excellent professional service, quality product, best cost effective solution for our driveway."

Perth     2018