Semi-Rural Driveways

We recently completed a 130m semi-rural driveway for a client who needed a cost effective solution to his steep driveway in Parkerville.  Here is what he had to say about his choice of recycled crushed asphalt:-

“We had a steep gravel driveway that was in need of frequent maintenance, especially after heavy winter rains. And then there was always the issue of dust in the summer.  At 130m long we wanted an affordable solution. Recycled cold laid asphalt kept the cost down while providing a stable, dust free and maintenance free option.  After six inches of rain in February the driveway was good as new. The water just ran off.

 Rob – Parkerville | January 2017


Hardstands provide industrially tough and hard wearing surfaces for the parking and movement of heavy machinery. The use of milled asphalt (recycled asphalt) helps keep the cost per sqm down and can be laid in almost all weather conditions.

The installation of an asphalt hardstand will cut down on the mud and dust while providing a solid base for your heavy machinery parking and operating requirements.